The Whitebook of Brazilian laboratory diagnostics 2021-2022

The Laboratory Diagnostics White Book seeks to present a picture what is happening in our country in terms of the main challenges faced by the laboratory diagnostics sector, and to suggest proposals for possible solutions. The report contains inter alia recent data on the sector, a review of landmark activities and achievements in 2019- 2020, and a section on CBDL’s national and international strategic alliances. Proposals for strengthening links along the health value chain are also addressed in this report which aims, above all, to focus attention on the various ways and means available to IVD sector players to help improve the population’s access to quality products.

In the case of Brazil, faced with innumerable challenges, our constantly evolving and strongly innovative sector calls for greater agility in a world where increasingly modern processes are being developed, with integrated structures aimed at cost reduction, increasing flexibility and higher productivity, and where the mergers and acquisitions of recent years are fast changing the market profile of the diagnostics sector. We all need, more than ever, to be prepared for this new future!

We sincerely hope that you will be inspired to join us on the new journey outlined in the pages of the White Book, and hopefully to engage with CBDL in building a fairer, more equitable and more sustainable health market. DIAGNOSTICS FOR LIFE needs to be our shared maxim!

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Whitebook release

CBDL and international entities in the health sector launch the White Paper on Laboratory Diagnosis 2021/2022. Event was attended by WHO, London School, UNICEF, World Bank, IDC and CHAI. Watch the release in full below.

Some testimonials

The Laboratory Diagnostics White Book is a milestone for CBDL and is perhaps the main fruit of the Chamber in these 30 years of activities. The book brings relevant questions, especially in a time like this in which we live, where health is brought into focus. In addition to presenting sector data, it has a chapter with all the actions implemented during the pandemic. And there is also a special tribute to Dhalia Gutemberg who actively contributed in the regulatory area representing the entity and who left us little victim of Covid

Liliana Perez

ABBOTT Marketing Director and Former President of CBDL

It was with great satisfaction that we participated in the technical coordination team of the Laboratory Diagnosis White Book. The document sought to show a retrospective, current and prospective view of the entity's actions over the years 2019 and 2020, projected for 2021/2022. In the retrospective part, the actions of CBDL were shown, in partnership with other private entities, in addition to the Ministry of Health and Anvisa, in the context of the pandemic, and all the coordinated effort to ensure that the Brazilian population had access to good quality Covid diagnostic tests . In another chapter we show the participation of CBDL in the health production chain. Another chapter portrays the afflictions of companies in the sector in terms of quality with regard to the sustainability of the segment. The last chapter brings a more prospective view with 21 proposals distributed in four phases of the laboratory diagnosis cycle. We hope that all this joint work will be appreciated by those who have access to the document and participate in the healthcare chain

Patricia Marrone

Managing Partner of Websetorial and Consultant at CBDL

I have followed CBDL's work since I joined Anvisa. Even though I was part of a regulatory body and, therefore, taking a closer look, I was able to observe a process of growth and consolidation of this association. Even at that time, despite being an adolescent entity, it was not difficult to see why CBDL represented the sector so well, due to the clarity of understanding of its mission, the objectivity of its agendas and, above all, the ethical condition of its actions

Letícia Fonseca

Executive Director of Aladdiv

Whitebook of Brazilian laboratory diagnosis

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